04 - 05 September, 2018 | The Royce Hotel, Melbourne

Workshop Days

Workshop A: Tuesday, 4th September 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am How to Embed and Promote A Systemic Culture of Monitoring, Identification and Rectification of Compliance Breaches

Shalini Sharma - National Risk and Compliance Officer, Allianz Australia
Companies are now undergoing intense scrutiny to ensure that they respect and protect consumer privacy. Enterprises who fail to build consumer trust and confidence run the risks of losing their market share against competitors who can.

Today, companies must realise that their most valuable asset is the customer. If consumer information is not handled prudently, this could mean a difference between a customers staying or leaving based on whether their data is secure. The importance of protecting your consumer information is key to gaining competitive advantage.

This workshop will focus on assisting you to develop and implement a comprehensive privacy management program to achieve business privacy and trust. Manage your privacy risks with greater visibility, flexibility and efficiency with the right model of governance, technical framework and privacy workflow framework.


  • Helping companies realises privacy control and business value
  • Integrating consumer preferences into the organisation’s business process to foster an open communication to gain trust and boost confidence
  • Selecting appropriate privacy enhancing technology to ensure the privacy of data
  • Operating with standardised privacy policies to ensure data-drive decisions and organisation capability

Shalini Sharma

National Risk and Compliance Officer
Allianz Australia

Workshop B: Wednesday, 5th September 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am Learn the Secrets to a Successful Data Breach Response and Protect Your Company’s Reputation and Cost Revenue

It is time you review your incident response plan or create one as this could mean a difference between a breach that causes a disruption or one that causes a meltdown.

87 million Facebook users were affected by one of social media’s largest data breaches. More than 1 million people in the UK, Philippines and Indonesia may have had their personal information harvested as well as 310,000 Australian Facebook users.

It is clear that no set of security measure is completely infallible to a breach. What you must consider now is your plan of actions in response to a data breach. Do you have a plan of action to deal with a data breach and your data loss prevention have failed?

Data breaches are a serious challenge and dealing with one can be a stressful experience. However a Ponemon study reveals that organisations can reduce the cost of a data breach by having an incident response plan, strong IT security and a Chief Information Officer. With this in mind, this workshop will facilitate you into executing the best practices of how you can respond after a data breach has occurred and.


  • How to create an incident response plan that is true to your culture and risk appetite
  • The steps to take during the first 24 hours after a data breach
  • Preparations to notify your customers employees and clients
  • Real Life Case Studies and Examples of Data Breaches